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Getting Here

Getting here


Getting Here

The easiest way to get here from New York City and its surrounding boroughs is to either rent a car, or to take the the Trailways Bus from Port Authority.

Don’t fret! This is not your standard bus.

Trailways offers nice, roomy, air-conditioned charter buses with free WiFi and individual charging stations in each seat (which recline, by the way). We were hesitant to take a bus our first trip up here, but after we did it, we never looked back and this became our favorite way to travel. You get to relax and take in the scenery on your way up vs driving yourself and dealing with the stress of the road. Trailways also has access to a dedicated underground tunnel out of the city, so it will always get you here faster than if you were to drive yourself. They offer service every hour, and it’s around $22 each way.

From Port Authority, take the bus to New Paltz or Rosendale, let us know when your bus is scheduled to arrive, and we will pick you up for $30. We can also drop you off for $30. From the bus station it’s about a 15 minute ride to the Farmhouse; it can either be a fun little guided tour, or we can ride in silence if you ask us to zip it.

Visit to book your ride early, as they do tend to fill up.